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Self Storage Auckland

Self storage Auckland uses brand new shipping containers for a few reasons.

Storage Security.

Containers are made of solid corten 2.5 mm steel.. thats five times thicker that roofing iron. There is only one way into a shipping container , through a door system designed and proved secure,by widespread use worldwide . Our containers use a lockbox system that makes it very difficult to damage the lock in any way.  We have an option of an alarm system that will text you if your door moves or the temperature goes above  the set amount. Shipping containers are the preferred option on many building sites for security reasons.

There is a 2.5 metre electric fence on the perimeter of the property.

We have  a comprehensive CCTV system.

The property is visited regularly by a security company at night.


These containers have made one trip from the factory in China. They are in perfect condition , clean and dry. The roofs have no joins in them. Shipping containers that leak may be 30 years old , damaged during transport, become rusted and start to leak . The quality of steel, paint, and no damage in transit will ensure these will not leak for 50 years. Find a leak and I will give you $500.

The floors are made of teak plywood 28mm thick providing the best form of insulation. They have a tar seal underneath and 100 mm air gap. We polyurethane the floors to make them easy to clean and free from dust.

The containers have 75mm of  earthwool ceiling insulation above imported Italian plywood in the ceiling.

There is either 4 , or 8 breathing vents depending on the container. We can add an optional fan .


Storage Auckland is located in Kumeu five minutes from the end of the northwestern motorway. An off peak trip from the central city would be 25 minutes. Access hours are 7 days from 6.30 am till 8 pm

Insect and rodent free.

The seals on all the doors are new and double lipped rubber. This makes the container totally free from insects and rodents.

Flooding and fire

There is very little chance of flooding at the site because of the location, and even if there was , the containers have seals that are water tight up to the vents.

The risk of fire in containers is far less than any other buildings, there is no electrical wiring to start a fire, and its  much more likely for a fire to be contained in a shipping container, so that the damage is minimised.


Peace of mind

There are many reasons why your goods are safer in most storage facilities. However , we recommend having contents insurance, either through your insurance company, or insurance we can provide. We also rent portable alarms that will notify , who you nominate , if the storage unit is entered or the temperature rises above a set figure.
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